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Claire Burgess

Fifth Spirit Tarot is created by Claire Burgess (they/them), a queer and nonbinary tarot reader, educator, illustrator, writer, podcaster, and witch. They're the person behind The Word Witch Tarot, along with plenty of help from their partner and business management wizard, Aaron Caffee (he/him). Claire is the host of The Word Witch Podcast, a podcast about tarot, astrology, and belief made especially for queer folx and others making magick from the margins.

Born and raised in the Birmingham, Alabama, Claire now lives in Portland, Oregon, where they read by appointment and teach tarot classes at Portland Community College. In their muggle job, Claire is a tutor for middle and high school aged students. They're an Aquarius sun, Gemini moon, and Scorpio rising. They're also a short fiction writer, with publications in Hunger MountainThird Coast, New Stories from the Midwest, and elsewhere. (You can find their writing here.) 


Fifth Spirit Tarot is Claire's first tarot deck. Before the project came to them in February 2019, they had scarcely drawn a thing in ten years.